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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 199B: Exemptions from Secs. 189A to 199A

Section 199B. The provisions of sections one hundred and eighty-nine A to one hundred and ninety-nine A, inclusive, shall not apply to any dwelling unit having fewer than two hundred and fifty square feet of floor space calculated on the basis of total habitable room area or which is used as a rooming house; provided, that no person occupying said dwelling unit may be less than six years of age.

For the purpose of this section, ''rooming house'' shall mean every dwelling or part thereof which contains one or more rooming units in which space is let or sublet for compensation by the owner or operator to four or more persons not within the second degree of kindred to the person compensated. Boarding houses, hotels, inns, lodging houses, dormitories and other similar dwelling places shall be included, and ''rooming units'' shall mean the room or group of rooms let to an individual or household for use as living and sleeping quarters.

Sections one hundred and eighty-nine A to one hundred and ninety-nine A, inclusive and this chapter shall not apply to any unit for which a lease, rental, occupancy or tenancy is of thirty-one days or less in duration, which lease, rental or occupancy is for vacation or recreational purposes; provided, however, that said dwelling unit has no peeling or chipping paint, and the tenant has received the appropriate lead paint disclosure notification pursuant to regulations promulgated by the department of public health.