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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2D: Massachusetts AIDS Fund; definitions

Section 2D. As used in sections two D to two F, inclusive, the following words shall, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, have the following meanings:?

''AIDS'', acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

''AIDS advisory board'', the board established pursuant to section two F.

''Education'', efforts to inform the public, or groups within the public who are seropositive or at high risk of HIV infection, with targeted information directed specifically at decreasing the incidence of unsafe behavior associated with the transfer of the HIV virus.

''Experimental treatment'', treatment for the HIV infection or its associated illnesses which has not yet been approved for general use by an appropriate agency of the federal government.

''Fund'', the Massachusetts AIDS Fund established pursuant to section thirty-five K of chapter ten.

''HIV'', the human immunodeficiency virus associated with AIDS.

''Research'', scientific study conducted through community-based efforts to determine the effectiveness of drug and non-drug therapies in combatting the HIV infection and its associated illness, including research into the effectiveness of educational methods and materials.

''Seropositive'', the status of having tested positive for HIV antibodies.

''Treatment'', such treatment as is approved by appropriate agencies of the United States government for the HIV infection or its associated illnesses.