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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2E: Massachusetts AIDS Fund; expenditures

Section 2E. The commissioner may expend amounts contained in the fund, with the advice and under the guidance of the AIDS advisory board, solely for research treatment, experimental treatment, and education related to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Expenditures from the fund for such purposes shall complement and not replace existing local, state, or federal AIDS?related funding. The commissioner shall determine, with the advice and under the guidance of the AIDS advisory board, appropriate educational efforts to fund. The commissioner, after consultation with the AIDS advisory board, shall develop a list of research priorities and protocols. The commissioner shall make a priority of researching those drug and non-drug therapies that are not made generally available through federal and other state programs, and shall prioritize those therapies which show the most promise of combatting the HIV infection or its associated illnesses.

No more than six percent of the amounts held in the fund in any one year shall be used for administration of the fund; provided, however, that this provision shall not preclude the appropriation from the General Fund of the commonwealth of additional amounts to support the administration of the fund. Notwithstanding any statute or regulations to the contrary, the commissioner may develop, with the advice of the AIDS advisory board, procedures for accepting proposals for implementing any of the purposes of the fund as set forth in this section.