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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 82: Operation of hospitals by county commissioners or trustees

Section 82. The county commissioners may operate and maintain a hospital for purposes as indicated in this section. Where the county commissioners or trustees of such hospital determine that they will provide care and treatment for tuberculous patients and they enter into a contract with the department for such care under section seventy-eight they may so operate such a hospital or portion of a hospital under the terms of such contract and the provisions of this chapter. Where a county has maintained a tuberculosis hospital or sanatorium and such institution is not to be included in the contractual arrangements for care of tuberculosis patients under section seventy-eight, or where, after the passage of time, contractual arrangements under section seventy-eight are not continued, the commissioners or trustees may after being licensed under section seventy-one convert such hospital into a chronic disease hospital, or a convalescent or nursing home, or a rest home, or the institution may be discontinued and the property liquidated in accordance with law. The county commissioners or trustees may with the approval of the department adopt such rules and regulations concerning the operation of their institutions as chronic disease hospitals, convalescent or nursing homes, or rest homes as they deem necessary. The county commissioners or trustees shall determine the admission policy of such institutions. The rates to be charged for all general health supplies, care, services and accommodations shall be established by the executive office of health and human services or a governmental unit designated by the executive office; provided, however, that such policy shall be approved by said executive office. The county commissioners or trustees may, however, continue to operate out-patient facilities for tuberculosis as long as such services are deemed by them to be necessary or advisable.