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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85A: Maintenance, operation and repair of hospitals; apportionment; expenditures

Section 85A. To provide such funds as may be necessary to meet the cost of the care, maintenance and repair of a county institution in compliance with section eighty-five, the county commissioners may in any year borrow money on the credit of the county by temporary loans without specific authorization by the general court, and for such purposes the county treasurer may, with the approval of the county commissioners, issue notes of the county therefor, maturing in not more than twelve months from their dates, and may from time to time renew the same, until all the cities and towns liable to assessment under said section eighty-five have paid to the county treasurer the sums so assessed against them for the aforesaid cost for said year. Receipts of such institutions shall be paid to the county treasurer at such times as the county commissioners may determine. Receipts for said year and payments to the county of the assessments made under section eighty-five to meet the aforesaid cost for said year shall be applied to the payment of the cost of maintenance or to the payment of such temporary loans.

Notwithstanding the limitations imposed by section thirty-seven A of chapter thirty-five, expenditures for the cost in any year of the care, maintenance and repair of county institutions under section eighty-five may be made from any cash balance remaining in the treasury of any such institution at the end of the preceding fiscal year resulting from loans issued under the authority of this section.