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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 94D: Tuberculosis treatment center; establishment; supervision

Section 94D. The department shall establish a tuberculosis treatment center in one of the state hospitals, or may contract with a county, municipal or general hospital for the custody, care, treatment and rehabilitation of patients hospitalized under sections ninety-four A to ninety-four C, inclusive. Such center or hospital shall be equipped with adequate safeguards to prevent the escape of such patients. Such center or hospital shall be under the supervision of its superintendent, subject to the provisions of this chapter, or of any rules or regulations made by the commissioner.

The commissioner may construct facilities similar to said treatment center at any state hospital, and all such facilities, including facilities provided by contract for the same purpose, shall constitute the treatment center, as used in sections ninety-four A to ninety-four C, inclusive. On any hospitalization under said sections, the commissioner may assign the patients to whichever facility he deems best suited to care for them. The commissioner may transfer such patients from one such facility to another if he deems it advisable.