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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Definitions

Section 3. In this chapter the following words shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings:—

''Administrator'', the person in charge of the operation of a facility, or his designee.

''Alcoholic'', a person suffering from alcoholism.

''Alcoholism'', a medically diagnosable disease characterized by chronic, habitual or periodic consumption of alcoholic beverages resulting in the (1) substantial interference with an individual's social or economic functions in the community, or (2) the loss of powers of self-control with respect to the use of such beverages.

''Commissioner'', the commissioner of public health.

''Department'', the department of public health.

''Director'', the director of the division of alcoholism.

''Division'', the division of alcoholism.

''Facility'', any public or private place, or portion thereof, providing services especially designed for the detoxification of intoxicated persons or alcoholics.

''Halfway house for alcoholics'', an intermediate care center in a community which provides temporary residential accommodation, guidance, supervision, and personal adjustment services for a group of three or more sober alcoholics, provided it shall not be deemed a facility as defined in section three of chapter one hundred and eleven B or a permanent residence.

''Incapacitated'', the condition of an intoxicated person who, by reason of the consumption of intoxicating liquor is (1) unconscious, (2) in need of medical attention, (3) likely to suffer or cause physical harm or damage property, or (4) disorderly.

''Independent physician'', a physician registered in accordance with chapter one hundred and twelve, other than one holding an office or appointment in any department, board or agency of the commonwealth, or in any public facility.

''Juvenile'', any person who is between seven and seventeen years of age.

''Patient'', any person admitted to a facility.

''Treatment'', services and programs for the care of intoxicated persons and alcoholics.

''Treatment program unit'', any public or private place, or portion thereof, providing any type of inpatient recovery services or outpatient services, or both, designed especially for the treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics. This classification shall not include detoxification facilities or halfway houses for alcoholics.