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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Coordination of alcoholism programs; rules and regulations; providing for facilities and services

Section 4. The department shall coordinate matters affecting alcoholism in the commonwealth, shall establish and conduct a program for the treatment of intoxicated persons and alcoholics, including juveniles and young adults, their rehabilitation and the prevention of alcoholism in cooperation with public and private agencies, business and industry, and shall provide technical assistance and consultation services whenever required. The department may adopt rules and regulations to carry out its powers and duties under this chapter. The department shall be responsible for assuring that the following services are available and shall utilize community mental health centers and existing facilities and services available within the private sector whenever possible: (1) detoxification services on a twenty-four hour basis in or near population centers which meet the immediate medical and physical needs of intoxicated persons, including necessary diagnostic and referral services; (2) medical and hospital services which are available on a twenty-four hour basis and which, whenever possible, are provided in existing general hospital facilities; (3) rehabilitation services, including family care, residential aftercare and appropriate therapy which, whenever possible, shall be coordinated with the Massachusetts rehabilitation commission; (4) inpatient psychiatric services for those alcoholics whose diagnosis reflects serious alcoholic related mental disturbances which, whenever possible, shall be conducted with services available in the department of mental health; and (5) training programs for professional and nonprofessional workers in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics and intoxicated persons. The department shall not grant its approval for the establishment or maintenance of a facility, pursuant to section seven, in any jail, house of correction or institution operated by the department of correction; provided, however, the department shall grant its approval for the establishment and maintenance of a facility in the Massachusetts correctional institutions at Bridgewater and Framingham, if such facility meets the standards and procedures set forth in section seven.