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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10: Unreliable reports of examinations; license modification

Section 10. Whenever the department finds upon inspection, or through information in its possession, that a clinical laboratory, licensed under this chapter is not able to provide or is not providing reliable reports of examinations pursuant to the terms of such license, it may by order modify any term of such license as it deems necessary to enable the laboratory to provide reliable reports of examinations. Every license modification order shall include a statement of the reasons for modification, the provisions of law relied upon, and the date fixed for compliance, which date shall be reasonable and, except in an emergency declared by the commissioner, not less than thirty days after receipt of such order.

Except in the case of a license modification imposed as a sanction after hearing under section eleven, a licensee in receipt of an order shall have the opportunity for a hearing under the provisions of chapter thirty A. If after hearing the licensee establishes that the order, or any portion thereof, is not warranted, the department shall rescind or qualify such order, as appropriate. The filing of a request for a hearing shall not operate as a stay of the compliance date of a license modification order, but the department shall stay the compliance date upon written request, except to the extent that a stay would jeopardize the public health or public safety.