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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Revocation of or administrative sanctions upon license

Section 11. The department may revoke the license issued under section five or impose other appropriate administrative sanction upon a license, or both, for conduct by or chargeable to him as follows:

(1) failure to observe any term of such license;

(2) failure to meet any requirement for such license established under section five;

(3) failure to observe any order made under authority of this chapter or under other statutory authority vested in the department;

(4) engaging in, or aiding, abetting, causing, or permitting, any action prohibited under section eight; or

(5) other proper cause set forth in regulations made under this chapter.

Before sanctioning a licensee, the department shall give such licensee notice of the charges against him, the provisions of law relied upon, and the proposed sanction, and shall afford him the opportunity for a hearing under the provisions of chapter thirty A. Where, after hearing, the department finds that cause exists for imposition of a sanction, it need not impose the sanction proposed but may instead impose a lesser sanction if, in its judgment, a lesser sanction is appropriate in the circumstances. In the event revocation is imposed, the licensee shall be permitted a reasonable period in which to cease operation, but in no case less than thirty days after notice of the decision of the department.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the commissioner may, at any time upon notice to the licensee, whether a hearing has been first commenced or not, suspend his licensee or issue such other preliminary order as the commissioner considers appropriate for the protection of the health or safety of the public if he should find that either is in jeopardy; provided, that a hearing shall be commenced within five days after such notice in any case of suspension without a prior hearing unless the licensee shall request a postponement. The finding of the commissioner shall be included in such notice.