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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Comprehensive program for treatment of drug dependent persons; treatment facilities; annual report; list of facilities

Section 5. The division shall establish a comprehensive program for the treatment of drug dependent persons and persons in need of immediate assistance due to the use of a dependency related drug. The director, subject to the approval of the commissioner, shall divide the commonwealth into not less than four nor more than ten regions for the conduct of said program and shall establish standards for the development of the program on the regional level. In establishing such regions, consideration shall be given to city, town and county lines, population concentrations, the areas established by the department of mental health pursuant to section twelve of chapter nineteen, and any relevant uniform rules and regulations promulgated by the commissioner of administration and finance.

The program of the division shall include provision for at least the following:

(a) Facilities wherein treatment is available to persons in need of immediate assistance due to the use of a dependency related drug;

(b) Facilities wherein inpatient treatment is available which shall, to the extent appropriate and possible, be affiliated with and constitute an integral part of the medical service of a general hospital;

(c) Facilities wherein outpatient treatment is available;

(d) Facilities wherein residential aftercare is available, such as in halfway houses;

(e) Penal facilities.

The department shall provide sufficient treatment facilities, public or private, for the treatment of drug dependent persons committed or admitted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

The division shall maintain, supervise and control all facilities operated by it pursuant to this chapter and all such facilities shall be staffed with an adequate number of qualified and trained personnel. The administrator of each such facility shall make an annual report of its activities to the director in such form and manner as the director deems appropriate.

All appropriate resources, particularly community mental health centers, shall be coordinated with and utilized in the program whenever possible.

The director shall prepare and publish annually a list of all facilities, including federal facilities, operating in accordance with this chapter and shall make it available to all district and superior court judges within the commonwealth on an annual basis and to members of the public upon request. Such list shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(a) eligibility for treatment

(b) scope of treatment offered

(c) applicability facility fees

(d) last known patient capacity

(e) facilities for emergency treatment

Notices shall be sent quarterly by the director to all district and superior court judges within the commonwealth containing updated information on such list. Said notices shall also state the last known waiting period for admission to each facility.