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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2A: Provision of refreshments by pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing company at non–CME educational presentations

Section 2A. No pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing company shall provide modest meals and refreshments, or provide payment for such meals and refreshments, in connection with non?CME educational presentations as permitted in section 2 unless such pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing company files quarterly reports detailing all non?CME educational presentations at which such meals or refreshments are provided. Reports shall include: (1) the location of the non?CME presentation; (2) a description of any pharmaceutical products, medical devices or other products discussed at such presentation; and (3) the total amount expended on such presentation and an estimate of the amount expended per participant, factoring any meals, refreshments or other items of economic value provided at such presentation. The department may require payment of a fee, to be determined by the department, to pay the costs of administering this section.