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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 115: Duties and responsibilities of board of registration of nursing home administrators

Section 115. The board shall have the duty and responsibility to: (a) Develop and administer standards which shall be met by individuals in order to receive a license as a nursing home administrator, which standards shall be designed to insure that nursing home administrators will be individuals who are of good character and are otherwise suitable, and who by training or experience in the field of institutional administration are qualified to serve as nursing home administrators.

(b) Develop and apply appropriate techniques, including examinations and investigations for determining whether an individual meets such standards.

(c) Establish and carry out procedures designed to insure that individuals licensed as nursing home administrators, will, during any period that they serve as such, comply with the requirements of such standards.

(d) Receive and investigate any charge or complaint filed with the board that any licensed nursing home administrator has failed to comply with the requirements of such standards, and to take appropriate action with respect thereto, including the revocation of a license if necessary after due notice and hearing and for cause.

(e) To make available one or more courses of instructional training sufficient to meet the requirements for licensure, and to make provision for such courses and their accessibility to residents of the commonwealth unless it finds that there are a sufficient number of approved courses which are conducted by others within this commonwealth. In lieu thereof, the board may approve courses conducted within and without the commonwealth as sufficient to meet the education and training which it may require.