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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 207: Dietitians/nutritionists; license renewal biennially; continuing education; proof of compliance

Section 207. Every person licensed in accordance with this chapter shall apply to the board for renewal of license on or before the anniversary of the date of birth of the licensee next occurring more than 24 months after the date of issuance of the license and every two years thereafter. An application for renewal of license shall be approved for those applicants who provide evidence of successful completion of at least 30 hours biannually of continuing education for licensed dietitian/nutritionists as approved by the board, and provide evidence of compliance with such other requirements or equivalent requirements as approved by the board. Upon satisfactory proof of compliance with the licensing requirements for dietitians/nutritionists and successful completion of said continuing education requirement the board shall issue a renewal license showing that the holder is entitled to be licensed for two years. The board may provide for the late renewal of a license which has lapsed and may require the payment of a late fee.