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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 215: Perfusionists; revocation, suspension, or cancellation of license; refusal to renew; discipline of licensee

Section 215. The board may deny or refuse to renew a license or, after a hearing pursuant to chapter 30A, revoke, suspend or cancel the license or place on probation, reprimand, censure or otherwise discipline a licensee upon proof satisfactory to a majority of the board that the person:

(a) has obtained or attempted to obtain a license by fraud or deception;

(b) has been convicted of a felony under state or federal law, or committed any other offense involving moral turpitude;

(c) has been adjudged mentally ill or incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction;

(d) has used drugs or intoxicating liquors to the extent which adversely affects his practice;

(e) has engaged in unethical or unprofessional conduct including, but not limited to, willful acts, negligence or incompetence in the course of professional practice;

(f) has violated any lawful order, rule or regulation rendered or adopted by the board; or

(g) has been refused issuance or been disciplined in connection with a license issued by any other state or country.