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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 247: Sheet metal workers; rules and regulations for cities and towns; enforcement; appeals

Section 247. The board shall adopt reasonable and uniform rules and regulations for cities and towns relative to the practice of sheet metal work. The rules and regulations shall be enforced by the local inspector of buildings or a like official. The board shall adopt a regulation requiring all cities and towns to use a uniform application for a permit to perform sheet metal work or to make special reference to the work on permits issued by an inspector operating pursuant to chapter 143 and any other applicable laws. Any fees for these permits shall be established by the city or town. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, no licensed journeyperson or master sheet metal worker shall be issued a permit for the performance of sheet metal work pursuant to this chapter unless the licensee has a current liability insurance policy, including completed operations coverage, which has been issued by an insurance company licensed to do business within the commonwealth, or other type of indemnity against liability providing substantially equivalent coverage, or a bond.

[There is no subsection (a).]

(b) A person aggrieved by a ruling interpreting the rules and regulations made under this section, may appeal to the board in writing within 10 days after such ruling and the board shall hear and decide such appeal, subject to chapter 30A relative to adjudicatory proceedings. Such decision shall be final and binding upon all parties in interest.