General Laws

Section 24A. The board shall keep an official record of the names of all registered pharmacists and registered assistant pharmacists. All registrations of registered pharmacists and registered assistant pharmacists shall expire on December thirty-first of each even-numbered year. Any holder of a certificate of registration as a pharmacist or assistant pharmacist issued under section twenty-four and remaining uncancelled shall be entitled to have such certificate biennially renewed by registration by the board, upon the payment of a biennial renewal fee as determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven. On the first day of November of each even-numbered year the board shall send written notice to this effect to every registered pharmacist and every registered assistant pharmacist, and shall enclose with each notice a proper blank for such registration. If said blank properly filled out, together with said fee, shall not on or before the thirty-first day of December of such even-numbered year be received by said board from any pharmacist or assistant pharmacist so notified, said board shall strike from the register the name of such pharmacist or assistant pharmacist; provided, that at any time thereafter, any pharmacist or assistant pharmacist whose name shall have been so removed from the register may, upon submission to the board of proof satisfactory to it of his moral and physical fitness, have his name restored by it upon the payment to it of all accrued biennial renewal fees, together with a reinstatement fee determined under the aforementioned provision.

The board shall adopt rules and regulations for a system of continuing education, compliance with which shall be a requirement and condition precedent to the renewal of licenses issued by the board. The board shall accept all conferences and programs from providers approved by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education as meeting this requirement.