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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 25A: Annual report of investigatory or disciplinary actions conducted by the board of registration in pharmacy; availability

Section 25A. The board shall submit an annual report to the department of public health, the joint committee on public health and the joint committee on health care financing on or before December 31. The report shall detail the investigatory and disciplinary actions conducted by the board and shall detail: (1) each complaint received by the board or initiated by the board; (2) the date of the complaint; (3) the violation alleged; (4) the name of any state or federal agency that collaborated with the investigation; (5) the summary of the final decision of the board to: (i) dismiss the complaint, (ii) impose an informal sanction or penalty, (iii) impose a formal sanction or penalty or (iv) amend a previously issued sanction or penalty; and (6) whether the board reported the result of its investigation to another state board, federal agency or external entity.

All relevant data collected and analyzed under subsections (b) to (e), inclusive, of section 39D shall be summarized and included in the report. The report shall be made available, including by electronic means, to the public and all hospitals, pharmacies and health care providers doing business in the commonwealth. Said report shall be posted on the department of public health's website.