General Laws

Section 42A. The board may make such rules and regulations as it deems necessary to enable it to properly enforce the provisions of law relating to the retail drug business and pharmacy, and regarding any other matter within its jurisdiction; provided, that nothing herein shall authorize the board to make a rule or regulation requiring, as a prerequisite to the examination of an applicant under section twenty-four, or to his qualification, that he be the holder of a degree, nor a rule or regulation prohibiting a registered pharmacist connected with and employed by a hospital or clinic from dispensing medicines or drugs to an employee of such hospital or clinic for the use of such employee, his spouse and his children living in the same household with such employee.

The board may by rule or regulation adopt, amend or repeal rules of professional conduct. Every person who holds a certificate, license, registration or permit to practice pharmacy or engage in the retail drug business in this commonwealth shall be governed and controlled by the rules and regulations of professional conduct adopted by the board. The board may suspend or revoke any certificate, license, registration or permit to practice pharmacy or engage in the retail drug business for any violation of the rules and regulations established hereunder or for aiding or abetting in any violation of such rules or regulations; but before such suspension or revocation, the board shall give a hearing to the holder of the certificate, license, registration or permit, after due notice to him of the charges against him and of the time and place of the hearing. Such holder may appear at the hearing with witnesses and be heard by counsel. Witnesses shall testify on oath and any member of the board may administer oaths to them. The board may require the attendance of persons and compel the production of books and documents. Three members of the board shall be a quorum for such a hearing, but no certificate, license, registration or permit shall be suspended or revoked unless upon the affirmative vote of three or more members thereof. The rules of professional conduct adopted by the board shall be printed as part of the application blank for permits, licenses, certificates and registration and for renewals thereof, and every applicant shall subscribe thereto when making an application.