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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 46: Reputable dental college; definition

Section 46. A dental college shall be considered reputable which possesses the following qualifications:

First, It shall be incorporated and authorized by its charter to confer degrees of doctor of dental medicine, doctor of dental surgery or doctor of dental science.

Second, It shall have a competent faculty and corps of instructors. The teaching staff shall deliver a comprehensive and satisfactory course of lectures supplemented by adequate clinical and laboratory exercises in all subjects pertaining to modern dentistry.

Third, It shall give a course of not less than four separate academic years to matriculants who are graduates of accredited high schools or who present proof of equivalent training, or a course of not less than three separate academic years to matriculants who present satisfactory proof of having successfully completed two years of appropriate pre-dental training in a college or university authorized to grant degrees. Each academic year shall consist of not less than thirty-two weeks.

The administrative policy of the dental college shall be such as to accomplish the requirements of this section.