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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 60G: Revocation, suspension or annulment of certificate of registration as architect; disciplining of registrant; grounds

Section 60G. The board may revoke, suspend or annul the certificate of registration, or reprimand, censure or otherwise discipline a registrant, upon proof satisfactory to the board: (a) that the holder of such certificate of registration is practicing in the commonwealth in violation of any provision of sections sixty A to sixty J, inclusive, or of any rule or regulation promulgated under authority thereof by the board; (b) that such certificate of registration was obtained by fraud or misrepresentation; (c) that any money or thing of value, except fees prescribed or authorized by said sections, was paid or received to secure the issuance of such certificate of registration; (d) that the holder of such certificate of registration has been guilty of fraud or deceit, or of gross negligence, incompetence or misconduct, in the practice of architecture; (e) that the holder of such certificate of registration has permitted or suffered his official seal to be affixed to any plans, specifications or drawings not prepared by him or under his personal supervision by his regularly employed subordinates; (f) that the holder of a certificate has affixed his signature to plans, drawings, specifications or other instruments of service which have not been prepared by him or in his office, or under his immediate and responsible direction, or has permitted his name to be used for the purpose of assisting any person, not an architect, to evade the provisions of this chapter; or (g) that the holder of such certificate has an interest in the manufacture, sale or installation of any component or process in a project for which he is the architect, which interest he has not disclosed to his client in such manner as the board shall by regulation prescribe.