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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 64: Review by supreme judicial court of suspension, revocation or cancellation order; decree; standards of review by other courts

Section 64. The supreme judicial court, upon petition of a person whose certificate, registration, license or authority has been suspended, revoked or cancelled, may enter a decree revising or reversing the decision of the board, in accordance with the standards for review provided in paragraph (7) of section fourteen of chapter thirty A; but prior to the entry of such decree no order shall be made or entered by the court to stay or supersede any suspension, revocation or cancellation of any such certificate, registration, license or authority. Where a statute provides that a court other than the supreme judicial court may review a board's action, such review shall be conducted in accordance with the standards of review provided in paragraphs (3) to (7), inclusive, of said section 14 of said chapter 30A.