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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 67: Board of registration in optometry; records; inspection; rules and regulations; reports

Section 67. The board of registration in optometry, herein and in sections sixty-eight to seventy-three, inclusive, called the board, shall keep a record of the names of all persons examined and registered by it and of all moneys received and disbursed by it, and a duplicate thereof shall be open to public inspection in the office of the state secretary. The board shall make rules and regulations governing its procedure, governing registration and applications therefor, and governing the practice of optometry. Said rules and regulations shall be consistent with the provisions of sections sixteen to eighteen, inclusive, of chapter thirteen and sections sixty-six to seventy-three, inclusive, of this chapter. Said report shall include a listing of the reports, if any, of adverse reactions to the administration of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents in accordance with the provisions of section sixty-eight. The board shall make an annual report of the condition of optometry in the commonwealth.