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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 76A: Nurses registered in other jurisdictions; temporary registration

Section 76A. The board may, at its discretion, certify as authorized to practice professional nursing any person who furnishes proof, satisfactory to the board, that he was graduated from an approved school of nursing and that he was registered to practice professional nursing in another jurisdiction. Such certification (1) shall be valid for one year only from the date of the issuance of a certificate thereof, but may be renewed for not more than one additional consecutive year, (2) shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the board may prescribe, including the requirement that such certificate holders shall practice under the supervision of a registered nurse and (3) shall, notwithstanding the provisions of section eighty, entitle such certificate holder to engage in the practice of nursing, subject to such limitations upon the capacity in which he may practice as the board may prescribe, while such certification or renewal is in effect, but only in hospitals or other health care institutions licensed by the commonwealth, in hospitals maintained by the federal government, the commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions, or in conjunction with other public health agencies. The fee for certification and renewal under this section shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven.