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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 82: Definitions applicable to Secs. 82 to 87

Section 82. The following words, as used in this section and in sections eighty-three to eighty-seven, inclusive, shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:—

''Board'', the board of registration in embalming and funeral directing established by section twenty-nine of chapter thirteen.

''Person'', an individual, but not a partnership, corporation or association of any kind.

''Embalming'', the business, practice, science or profession, as commonly practiced, of preserving, disinfecting and preparing in any manner dead human bodies for burial, cremation or transportation.

''Funeral directing'', the business, practice or profession, as commonly practiced, of (a) directing or supervising funerals or providing funeral service; (b) handling or encasing, or providing services for handling or encasing, dead human bodies, and preparation of dead human bodies, otherwise than by embalming, for burial or disposal; (c) providing embalming services; (d) providing transportation, interment and disinterment of dead human bodies; and (e) maintaining an establishment so located, constructed and equipped as to permit the decent and sanitary handling of dead human bodies with suitable equipment in such establishment for such handling.

''Embalmer'', any person engaged, or holding himself out as engaged, in the business, practice, science or profession of embalming, whether on his own behalf or in the employ of a registered and licensed funeral director.

''Funeral Director'', any person engaged, or holding himself out as engaged, in the business, practice or profession of funeral directing.

''Apprentice embalmer'', any person engaged in the learning of the practice of embalming under the instruction and personal supervision of a duly registered embalmer; provided, that no person shall serve as such apprentice embalmer until he has been certified as such by the board.