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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85: Rules and regulations of board of registration in embalming and funeral directing; enforcement; records; inspection; annual reports; investigations; lists

Section 85. The board is authorized to adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations for the transaction of its business and the betterment and promotion of the standards of service and practice to be followed in the profession of embalming and funeral directing, as it may deem expedient and consistent with the laws of the commonwealth; to employ inspectors who shall investigate and report to the board the results of their investigations; to employ such other employees as the work of the board may require; to keep a record in which shall be registered the name and business address of every person and establishment to whom certificates have been granted under section eighty-three, the number and date of such certificate, and the date of each renewal thereof; to inspect the premises in which funeral directing is conducted or where embalming is practiced or where an applicant proposes to practice; to adopt such rules, regulations and classifications as may be reasonable and proper; to define what shall be deemed the proper construction, drainage and ventilation, and what instruments are necessary and suitable in a preparation room and in a funeral establishment. Said board shall be responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of sections eighty-three to eighty-seven, inclusive. The board shall hold examinations for applicants for registration at such times and places and in such manner as it shall determine. The board shall keep a record of all moneys received and disbursed by it, and a duplicate thereof shall always be open to public inspection in the office of the state secretary. It shall make an annual report showing the condition of embalming and of funeral directing in the commonwealth. It shall investigate all complaints of violations of the provisions of sections eighty-three to eighty-seven, inclusive, and, if necessary, bring such violations to the notice of the proper prosecuting officers. A certified list of all funeral directors registered by the board shall be sent by the board, annually before May 1, to the board of health of the several cities and towns of the commonwealth.