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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85A: Reciprocal agreements with other states

Section 85A. The board may, upon the affirmative vote of a majority of its members, enter into and rescind at any time an agreement with the corresponding licensing authority of any other state competent to enter into such an agreement, which agreement shall be in substantially the following form:

We the undersigned representatives of (______________________),
insert names of signatory states

by and through their respective licensing authorities, hereby jointly agree that a person duly registered and licensed as a funeral director, or embalmer in either one of the above named states may go into said other state for the purpose of handling, embalming, transporting and burying dead human bodies and directing funerals as though he were registered under the laws of that state, except that he shall not maintain an establishment, advertise, have any agent or agency or otherwise hold himself out as a funeral director or embalmer other than in the state in which he is licensed.

It is further agreed that the licensing authority of the state in which the funeral director or embalmer is licensed will assume the responsibility for instituting disciplinary action against any licensed funeral director or embalmer who may be guilty of unprofessional conduct in the practice of his business in the other state, when such is called to its attention by the licensing authority of that state.