General Laws

Section 87DD. The board may enter and inspect any shop or school in a proper manner at any time during business hours thereof. Whenever a complaint is made to the board that any person has suffered personal injury as a result of the practice of the occupation of aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrology, hairdressing or manicuring or that any person has been exposed to a hazard to the public's health, safety or welfare or that any contagious or infectious disease has been imparted, at any shop, or that any shop or school is kept in an unsanitary condition or that any person has been engaged in aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing or manicuring is in violation of sections 87T to 87JJ, inclusive, the board shall visit and inspect such school or place where such violation is alleged to have occurred and enforce said sections 87T to 87JJ, inclusive. The board may investigate the standard of professional training at any school and the sufficiency of the course or courses there given.