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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 87GG: Aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing and manicuring; expiration of license; renewal fees; practical examination

Section 87GG. Each license granted under sections 87T to 87JJ, inclusive, shall expire upon the date prescribed pursuant to section 87CC and shall be renewed upon the filing of an application for renewal and the payment of the prescribed renewal fee not later than its expiration. No person licensed under said sections shall engage in the occupation covered by such license until the prescribed renewal fee shall have been paid and renewed license issued. Any licensee whose license has not been renewed within 3 years following the date of expiration of that license shall be entitled to renewal of such license upon filing an application, accompanied by the proper fee for renewal and by passing a practical examination satisfactory to the board; provided, however, that a person who has at any time been licensed as both an aesthetician, barber, electrologist or cosmetologist and as an instructor, if such person has every 2 years renewed either such license, may reinstate the other without examination even if such other has been lapsed beyond 3 years.