General Laws

Section 87GG. Each registration granted under sections eighty-seven T to eighty-seven JJ, inclusive, shall expire upon the date prescribed by or pursuant to section eighty-seven CC, and shall be renewed upon the filing of an application therefor, and the payment of the prescribed renewal fee, on or before its expiration. No person registered under said sections as a hairdresser, aesthetician, manicurist, instructor, demonstrator or operator shall engage in the occupation covered by such registration until the prescribed renewal fee shall have been paid. Any hairdresser, aesthetician, manicurist, instructor or operator whose registration has not been renewed within three years following the date of expiration thereof shall be entitled to renewal of such registration upon filing an application, accompanied by the proper fee therefor and by passing a practical examination satisfactory to the board; provided, however, that upon filing such application and fee plus an additional fee, as determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven, the board may, at the request of such applicant, grant to the applicant a temporary license, authorizing him to practice as such hairdresser, aesthetician, operator or manicurist, as the case may be; and provided, further, that the applicant’s original license was not suspended or revoked. Such temporary license shall bear an expiration date of six months from the date of issuance, and the place of employment of such temporary licensee. If such applicant fails to appear for examination in accordance with the provisions of section eighty-seven KK during such period he shall forfeit such temporary license, as well as the fee for examination. There shall be no refund once a temporary license has been issued to the applicant. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, a person who has at any time been registered both as a hairdresser, aesthetician and as an instructor, if he has every two years renewed either such registration, may renew the other.