General Laws

Section 87II. Whoever engages in or follows, acts as an instructor of or attempts to engage in or follow the occupation of aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing or manicuring, unless duly licensed by the board, and whoever conducts or attempts to conduct a shop, or school, not so licensed, and whoever violates any provision of sections 87T to 87HH, inclusive, or any rule or regulation made under the authority thereof, shall, in addition to any other penalty prescribed or authorized by said sections, be subject to penalties as proscribed in sections 61 to 65E, inclusive. Upon notice from the board, the board of health or equivalent authority of the several cities and towns of the commonwealth shall terminate any general authorization to conduct business given to a shop or school not licensed by the board.

No person shall engage in the practice of electrolysis or hold oneself out as a practitioner of or being able to practice electrolysis unless that person is duly licensed by the board or is a qualified physician licensed under the laws of the commonwealth.