General Laws

Section 87W. Any registered operator who has had not less than two years of practical experience as such, and who makes application therefor, accompanied by a fee as provided in section eighty-seven CC, may be registered by the board as a hairdresser or aesthetician as so qualified, and thereafter may practice hairdressing or aesthetics in a registered shop for compensation and may supervise operators, without additional payment for the period during which such person was originally registered as an operator, and thereafter upon payment every two years of a renewal fee as provided in said section eighty-seven CC. In computing practical experience under this paragraph, time which an operator has worked as such under a temporary permit shall be included in computing such period; provided, however, that credit for such work shall not exceed three months.

Any demonstrator who has had at least three months’ practical experience as such, and who after application, accompanied by a notarized affidavit from each manufacturer or distributor for whom he is or was employed during such period and the fee as provided in said section eighty-seven CC, together with two pictures of the applicant, may be registered by the board as a demonstrator, and thereafter may practice as a demonstrator. Any person who is registered as a hairdresser, aesthetician, operator or instructor may, upon payment of said fee, be registered also as a demonstrator, and may thereafter practice as such. Such demonstrations shall be given by a demonstrator only in a registered shop, in the business quarters of distributors or supply houses in the commonwealth, at hairdressers’ trade shows or meetings in the presence of licensed beauty shop owners and their employees, or in schools of beauty culture with a licensed instructor in attendance.