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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 94: Chiropractors; examinations; registration; certificate; display

Section 94. The board shall examine each applicant as to his qualifications for the practice of chiropractic. Such examination shall be in writing, and except as otherwise provided by section ninety-two, shall include the subjects of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pathology, diagnosis, hygiene, public health, the use and effects of X–ray and chiropractic principles and practice as taught in chiropractic schools and colleges, and its examination shall also include practical demonstrations of chiropractic technique. Except for the examinations in chiropractic principles and practice, the use and effects of X–ray, and the practical demonstrations of chiropractic techniques, the examinations required by this section may be proposed by the board of higher education, and shall be under the direction and supervision of the board of registration of chiropractors. Every applicant whom the board finds qualified to practice chiropractic shall be registered as a chiropractor by the board, and a certificate of such registration signed by the chairman and secretary of the board shall be issued to such applicant. Said certificate shall entitle the person to whom it is issued to practice chiropractic in this commonwealth, shall designate him as a chiropractor and shall be publicly displayed at his principal office so long as he shall continue to practice chiropractic. The board shall furnish each person registered as a chiropractor a copy of section eighty-nine, which copy shall be the same size as the certificate of registration and shall be similarly displayed.