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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 96: Address of chiropractor; notification to board of registration of chiropractors; license fee; license renewal certificate; suspension of authority

Section 96. Every registered chiropractor, upon commencing to practice, shall forthwith notify the board of his office address or addresses. Every registered chiropractor practicing as aforesaid shall annually, before April first, pay to the board a license fee to be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven. The board shall thereupon issue to said registered chiropractor a license renewal certificate; provided, however, that said chiropractor shall furnish to the board satisfactory evidence that he has attended, in the twelve months preceding each renewal date, twelve hours of instruction in chiropractic related subjects as conducted by the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society or received instruction equivalent thereof as approved by the board. Satisfactory evidence of completion of post-graduate study of a type and character, at an educational session or institution, both as approved by the board, shall be considered said equivalent. The board may waive such educational requirements if it is satisfied that an applicant was prevented from meeting said educational requirements by reason of an unusual emergency, or that the applicant has undergone an extreme hardship, or for other good and sufficient reason deemed adequate by the board. Each registered chiropractor shall promptly notify the board of any change in his address or addresses, and from time to time shall furnish such other information to the board as it may require. The board may suspend the authority of any registered chiropractor to practice chiropractic for failure to comply with any of the above requirements. The board shall publish annually complete lists of the names and office addresses of all chiropractors registered and practicing in the commonwealth arranged alphabetically by name and also by the towns where their various offices are situated.