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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 98: Definitions applicable to Secs. 98 to 107

Section 98. The following words as used in this section and sections ninety-nine to one hundred and seven, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires, shall have the following meanings:—

''Landscape architect'', a person who holds a certificate entitling him to be called by the title ''landscape architect'' in the commonwealth under the authority of section ninety-nine.

''Landscape architecture'', the performance of professional services, such as consultations, investigation, reconnaissance, research, planning, design, or responsible supervision, in connection with the development of land and incidental water areas where and to the extent that the dominant purpose of such services is the preservation, enhancement or determination of proper land uses, natural land features, naturalistic and esthetic values, the settings and approaches to buildings, structures, facilities or other improvements, and natural drainage and the consideration, determination and solution of inherent problems of the land relating to erosion, wear and tear, blight or other hazards. The practice of landscape architecture shall include the location and arrangement of such tangible objects and features as are incidental and necessary to the purposes outlined herein, but shall not include the practice of architecture, the practice of engineering or the practice of land surveying, as defined in this chapter, or the making of final land plots for official recording or approval. A registered landscape architect may, however, do such architectural, engineering and surveying work as is incidental to his work.

''Board'', the board of registration of landscape architects established by section sixty-seven of chapter thirteen.