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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 12: Search and notification

Section 12. (a) The following persons shall make a reasonable search of an individual whom the person reasonably believes to be dead or near death for a document of gift or other information identifying the individual as a donor or as an individual who made a refusal:

(1) a law enforcement officer, firefighter, paramedic or other emergency personnel finding the individual; and

(2) if no other source of the information is immediately available, a hospital, as soon as practical after the individual's arrival at the hospital.

(b) If a document of gift or a refusal to make an anatomical gift is located by the search required by clause (1) of subsection (a) and the individual or deceased individual to whom it relates is taken to a hospital, the person responsible for conducting the search shall send the document of gift or refusal to the hospital.

(c) A person shall not be subject to criminal or civil liability for failing to discharge the duties imposed by this section.