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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 43E: New community mausoleums; plans and specifications; approval; construction

Section 43E. No community mausoleum, the crypts of which are available to the public for burial purposes, shall be erected without the consent and approval of the department of environmental protection. Before commencing the erection of any such structure, full detailed plans and specifications shall be presented to said department for its approval. Such approval shall be evidenced by a certificate in writing, signed by the proper officer of said department. No community mausoleum or any structure intended to hold or contain the bodies of the dead permanently, which is available to the public for said use, shall be erected or added to, and no building not previously used or intended to be used for the permanent disposition of the human dead shall be altered or changed for such use or used for such purposes, unless constructed of such materials and workmanship as will insure its durability and permanence as well as the safety, convenience, comfort and health of the community in which it is located, as dictated and determined at the time by modern mausoleum construction and engineering science.