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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 46: Permit for burial of bodies brought into commonwealth; certificate; recording

Section 46. Whenever a dead body is brought into the commonwealth for burial, accompanied by a removal permit issued under the laws of the state from which such body is brought, such permit shall be received as sufficient authority for burial, and the superintendent or person or persons in charge of the cemetery where the burial is to take place shall make proper endorsements on said removal permit and send it forthwith to the local board of health in the city or town where said cemetery is located. The board of health shall make and retain a copy of said removal permit and return the original to the city or town issuing the same; but if not accompanied by such permit no funeral director or other person shall bury such body or the ashes thereof until he has received a permit so to do from the board of health or its agent appointed to issue such permits, or if there is no such board, from the clerk of the town where the body is to be buried, or from a person appointed to have the care of the cemetery or burial ground in which the interment is made, if a record is kept of the names of all persons buried therein, or from a duly appointed superintendent of burials in such town who keeps a record of interments. Such permit shall not be issued until the funeral director or other person has delivered a certificate to said board, agent, clerk, superintendent or person having such care, giving the name of the deceased, his age as nearly as can be ascertained, the cause of death, the name of the town where he last resided or from which the body was brought, or, if the death occurred at sea, the name of the vessel upon which it occurred, and any other facts required for record which could be obtained with reasonable diligence, including, in case the deceased was a veteran, a recital as required by section ten of chapter forty-six.

The board of health or its agent, or the superintendent or person having such care, shall, upon receipt of such certificate, forthwith countersign it and file it in his office.