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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4A: Aid to dependent children during absence of parents or children from commonwealth; reciprocal agreements

Section 4A. Any parent receiving aid under this chapter, or any child for whose bringing up such aid is furnished, may be absent from the commonwealth on visit without having such aid suspended. Such parent, before his departure or the departure of the child from the commonwealth and following return thereto, shall notify the department. The department may provide by rules or regulations for the continuation of such aid during such period as it may deem proper with respect to cases where the suspension of such aid because of absence from the commonwealth would result in undue hardship or be inconsistent with the purposes of this chapter.

The department may also provide by rules and regulations for the payment of aid under this chapter for a parent and child or children who have moved permanently from the commonwealth to another state, so as to continue said aid until such time as may be reasonably necessary for such parent to meet requirements for receiving similar aid from such other state; provided, that after the expiration of a period of three months' residence in such other state, the amount of such aid shall not exceed the amount of aid that the parent would receive from such other state if eligible therefor; and provided, further, that such aid shall be granted only when reciprocal agreements are in effect between this commonwealth and said state under section fourteen of chapter eighteen.