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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 21: Inquiry by department; notification of applicant; agreement

Section 21. Upon receipt of such application, the division shall make full inquiry concerning the eligibility of the applicant, his or her need for medical assistance and his or her resources and income, if any, and, shall make its decision: (1) within ninety days after receipt of such application for applicants who apply for medical assistance on the basis of a disability; and (2) within forty-five days after receipt of such application for all other persons. At the time of such initial decision, and in the event of any subsequent decision, the applicant or recipient shall be notified in writing of such decision and shall be informed of the reason therefor and of his right to appeal and of the method by which he may appeal under this chapter.

The division may enter into an agreement with the secretary, or with any government or private agency, whereby the secretary or agency shall determine on behalf of the division the eligibility for medical assistance under this chapter of all or certain applicants for such assistance.