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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 27: Redetermination of eligibility

Section 27. If an individual has become eligible under this chapter, eligibility shall be reconsidered or redetermined:

(a) When required on the basis of information the division has obtained previously about anticipated changes in the individual's situation.

(b) Promptly within thirty days, after a report is obtained from any source which indicates that changes in the individual's circumstances may affect the amount of assistance to which he or she is entitled or may make him or her ineligible.

(c) Periodically in accordance with federal law.

(d) If any recipient shall by gift, inheritance, or other manner acquire additional assets during any twelve month interval following determination of his or her eligibility, the recipient shall, to the extent required by federal law, immediately report such acquisition to the division which shall immediately make a reevaluation of such recipient's eligibility.