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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 29A: Legal fees of minors in criminal proceedings; liability of parents

Section 29A. The parents of an unemancipated minor shall be liable for such reasonable legal fees and expenses of an attorney representing the minor in criminal proceedings. Except where the parent is the alleged victim, the court shall determine whether the parent or guardian of an unemancipated minor is indigent. If the parent or guardian is not determined to be indigent, the court shall assess a $300 fee against the parent or guardian to pay for the cost of any attorney that is supplied by the committee for public counsel services or assigned to represent the minor by the court and paid out of public funds in the criminal proceedings. If the parent is determined to be indigent but is still able to contribute toward the payment of some of the costs, the court shall order the parent to pay a reasonable amount toward the cost of appointed counsel. This section shall not apply to a parent who, as a result of a decree of a court of competent jurisdiction, does not have custody of the minor.