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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 58B: Delinquent children; motor vehicle violations; disposition; admissibility of adjudication and disposition as evidence in other proceedings

Section 58B. If, under the provisions of section fifty-eight, a child is adjudged a delinquent child by reason of having violated any statute, by-law, ordinance or regulation relating to the operation of motor vehicles, the court may place the case on file, or may place the child in the care of a probation officer, or may commit him to the custody of the department of youth services, as provided in section fifty-eight, and may require restitution as provided in section sixty-two; and in addition to or in lieu of such disposition, the court may impose upon such child a fine not exceeding the amount of the fine authorized for the violation of such statute, by-law, ordinance or regulation. Any fine imposed under the authority of this section shall be collected, recovered and paid over in the manner provided by chapters two hundred and seventy-nine and two hundred and eighty; provided, however, that if any child shall neglect, fail or refuse to pay a fine imposed under this section, he may be arrested upon order of the court and brought before the court, which may thereupon place him in the care of a probation officer or commit him to the custody of the department of youth services; but no such child shall be committed to any jail, house of correction, or correctional institution of the commonwealth. The provisions of sections sixty and sixty A shall apply to any case disposed of under this section; provided, however, that the court shall provide the registrar of motor vehicles with an abstract of every such adjudication and disposition, in the manner provided by section twenty-seven of chapter ninety; and provided, further, that such adjudication and disposition shall be admissible as evidence in any proceeding for the revocation or restoration of the child's license or right to operate a motor vehicle and for the cancellation of a motor vehicle insurance policy covering the vehicle operated by such child, and in any action of tort arising out of the negligent operation of a motor vehicle by said child, to the same extent that such evidence would be admissible if said child were an adult.