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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Support order of other jurisdiction; filing; documentation

Section 8. A child support enforcement agency, party to a child support order or other entity in a jurisdiction outside the commonwealth may request the IV?D agency to enforce a child support order issued by a court or administrative agency in another jurisdiction, or a lien arising under the law of another jurisdiction. The order or lien shall be accorded full faith and credit and the order or lien shall be enforced as if the order was issued or the lien arose in the commonwealth, without the necessity of registering the order with the court and without requiring judicial notice or hearing prior to the enforcement of such lien or order, provided that the IV?D agency, enforcement agency of another state, party or other entity seeking to enforce the lien complies with the procedural rules relating to enforcing orders or recording or serving liens that arise within the commonwealth. An order for genetic marker tests from a court or administrative agency of competent jurisdiction shall be accorded full faith and credit and shall be enforceable in the commonwealth.