General Laws

Section 11. When funds are available for the purpose, the commissioner of youth services may (a) establish and operate places for detention and diagnosis of all persons committed to the department; (b) establish and operate additional treatment and training facilities necessary to classify and segregate and handle delinquents, youthful offenders and juvenile offenders of different ages, habits and mental and physical condition according to their needs; (c) establish facilities to aid persons given conditional release or discharged by the department to find employment and to lead a law-abiding existence, and shall establish, on land under the control of the department of environmental management or upon other sites approved by the commissioner of conservation and recreation, forest or farm school camps to which children placed in the care of the department of youth services may be sent for such education and training as may be deemed best for their readjustment, the work projects of which may be assigned in farming or reforestation, maintenance and development of state forests and recreational areas as may be approved by the commissioner of conservation and recreation.