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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 28A: Annual plan; availability to public for review and comment

Section 28A. (a) Each housing authority shall submit to the department an annual plan. The annual plan shall state the housing authority's goals and objectives to meet or improve upon the department's performance based review and assessment standards under section 26B. The annual plan shall further include the housing authority's capital improvement, maintenance and repair plans for the following year and address deficiencies in meeting applicable performance standards.

(b) The housing authority shall make the annual plan available for public review and comment through an annual public hearing. Not later than 45 days before the date of a public hearing, the housing authority shall publish a notice informing the public of the agenda items which shall be covered at the hearing, including, but not limited to, the housing authority's: (i) proposed operating budget; (ii) proposed capital plan; and (iii) specific plan to meet or improve upon the performance based review and the assessment standards under section 26B.

(c) The department shall promulgate regulations to implement this section.