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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6: Economic development projects; approval; procedural requisites

Section 6. No economic development project shall be undertaken until (a) a public hearing relating to the economic development plan covering such project has been held by the corporation after due notice; (b) the economic development plan has been approved by the municipality by an affirmative two thirds vote of the city council with the approval of the mayor or city manager, as the case may be in a city or by an affirmative two thirds vote of an annual town meeting or a special town meeting called for the purpose in a town. If no economic development project covered by an economic development plan is commenced within seven years after the approval of such plan, the approval of such plan shall lapse.

Every economic development plan submitted to the municipality for approval under this act (i) shall require that every person occupying the whole or any part of the economic development area covered by such plan during the period of forty years after the approval of such plan shall make every reasonable effort, in employing persons in his business, to give to the fullest practicable extent preference to residents of the municipality and (ii) shall be accompanied by a report on such plan by the planning agency of the municipality to whom such plan shall have been submitted before its submission to the municipality by a statement of the proposed method for financing each project covered by such plan, by a comprehensive relocation plan and by such other information as the corporation deems advisable.

Notice of the public hearing required by the first paragraph of this section shall be given by the corporation to (1) such persons, groups and organizations as have requested in writing that such notice be given them, (2) MOBD and director and agency, whether of the city or of the commonwealth, likely in the judgment of the corporation to have an actual or potential interest in the economic development plan, (3) the senator for every senatorial district of the commonwealth, and the representative for every representative district thereof, within which the economic development area or any part thereof lies, and (4) each community group supported in whole or in part by public funds, whose territory covers all or part of the economic development area. In the course of preparing an economic development plan, the corporation shall consult with each of the aforesaid so far as in the judgment of the corporation it is practicable.

If an economic development plan is so approved by the municipality the corporation shall have the powers and duties imposed by this act to undertake and carry out the economic development projects covered by such plan. The corporation shall not be required to submit an economic development plan so approved to the department of housing and community development for further approval.