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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6: Annual reports to general court

Section 6. He shall make an annual report setting forth fully and in detail the actual condition on November thirtieth of each correctional institution of the commonwealth, and on December thirty-first of each jail and house of correction, the number of inmates in each, such statistics from the reports required by section eight as will show the results of criminal prosecutions, and such statistics from the reports required by section nine, and by section one hundred of chapter two hundred and seventy-six, as he considers proper. The report shall state the industries which have been carried on in the institutions named in section fifty-one of chapter one hundred and twenty-seven during the year, the number of prisoners employed in each, the greatest and smallest number thereof at any one time, the kind and quantity of goods manufactured, the amount thereof sold to such institutions and elsewhere, and the prices received therefor. The report shall include the reports made to him by the officers of the correctional institutions of the commonwealth, of the other penal institutions, and of the parole board.