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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 48: Establishment and maintenance of education, training and employment programs; rules and regulations

Section 48. The commissioner shall establish and maintain education, training and employment programs for persons committed to the custody of the department. The administrators of county correctional facilities shall establish and maintain such programs for persons committed to such facilities. Such programs shall include opportunities for academic education, vocational education, vocational training, other related prevocational programs and employment, and may be made available within correctional facilities or, subject to the restrictions set forth in sections forty-nine and eighty-six F, at other places approved by the commissioner or administrator. In determining which employment programs to establish and maintain under the authority of this section, the commissioner or administrator shall take into account, first, the training value of the program, second, the job market and employment conditions in the community and third, in the case of programs to be carried out within a correctional facility, the types of goods and services required by the commonwealth and its subdivisions.

The commissioner shall ensure that at least 1 educational program leading to the award of a high school equivalency certificate is available to persons who are committed to the custody of the department or to a county correctional facility for not less than 6 months and who have not obtained a high school degree or equivalency.

The commissioner shall make and promulgate rules and regulations governing programs established under this section which shall include provisions for hours, conditions of employment, wage rates for employment program participants, incentive payments for education and training program participants, and deductions from said wages pursuant to the provisions of section eighty-six F.