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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Calendar of prisoners; contents

Section 5. The jailer, keeper or superintendent of each jail and house of correction shall keep in a bound book or an electronic computer database an exact calendar of all prisoners committed thereto, in which shall be recorded the names of all prisoners, their places of abode and additions, the time, cause and authority of their commitment, and, if they have been committed upon a sentence on conviction of crime, a description of their persons and such facts as, with the entries in the prison book or electronic computer database, will enable the sheriff or penal institutions commissioner of Boston to make the reports to the commissioner required by section ten. He shall record in the same book the time and authority for the release of every prisoner released and the time and manner of the escape of a prisoner escaping. A jailer, superintendent or keeper neglecting to keep such calendar or to enter such facts therein shall forfeit one hundred dollars, which shall be recovered by the county commissioners in the name of the county, or, in Suffolk county, by the penal institutions commissioner in the name of the city of Boston, and shall be expended by them for the relief of discharged prisoners.