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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 55: List of styles, designs and qualities of articles; arbitration of differences

Section 55. Annually in September the commissioner shall issue to the officers in charge of the offices, departments and institutions named in section fifty-three a descriptive list of the styles, designs and qualities of said articles and materials. Any difference between the prison officials and the offices, departments or institutions in regard to styles, designs and qualities shall be submitted to arbitrators, whose decision shall be final. One of said arbitrators shall be named on behalf of the prison by the commissioner, one by the principal officer of the other office, department or institution concerned, and one by agreement of the other two. The arbitrators shall be chosen from the official service, and shall receive no compensation for performance of any duty under this section; but their actual and necessary expenses shall be paid by the prison or office, department or institution against which their award is given.